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Maximize tech resources to redefine success for your enterprise - and optimize your customers' experience

Customer Experience

Seamless omni-channel experience
Modern retail demands not only that your customers have instant access to your brand across multiple channels and devices, but also that the experience be seamless—and, increasingly, anticipatory—across every touch point. FTG specializes in transforming the unwieldy “patchwork quilt” approach into a cohesive operational framework that delivers a single, reliable source of truth for all your front-end applications.

Get More from IT

The right spend on the right things
You can’t be leading the charge into a thriving future if your operational budgets and IT capital are tied up in maintaining outdated legacy systems. Our team of retail technology experts will help you evaluate your current IT infrastructure, determining how to best maximize your existing systems—and develop a realistic road map, leveraging new applications and cloud-based technologies to close the gap.

Improve Efficiency

Innovation + Agility = Speed to market
It’s no longer enough for retailers to merely keep pace with competitors—modern retail requires calculated risk-taking and tireless innovation. The FTG team specializes in helping enterprises leverage the newest, most innovative best-of-breed technologies to balance cost efficiency with speed-to-market agility. Our highly configurable, highly scalable systems allow you to focus more of your efforts on innovation.


Engage the experts to assess, enhance or reinvent your retail technology and data management systems


The FTG team has collectively spent decades leading and navigating change, specifically within the retail technology space. For clients unsure of their needs, we begin with a thorough assessment to identify specific technology gaps and business challenges and provide recommendations. Typical cases include:

  • Reference architecture development
  • Omni-channel services architecture
  • Digital front-end architecture
  • Enterprise data management

Commerce Platform Modernization

Technical innovation is a difficult but essential ingredient in retail differentiation. FTG can help you establish a modern commerce platform that will free you from the constraints of your legacy, monolothic commerce solution.

  • Commerce platform assessment, vision and roadmapping
  • Headless commerce architecture + optimized commerce experiences
  • Brand specific services and customizations
  • commercetools solution partner


Outdated IT infrastructure has a high cost. FTG can help you modernize your existing technology platform to increase productivity and reduce legacy maintenance costs—freeing up resources for critical innovation, and helping your enterprise attract top technology talent.

  • Micro-services architecture, design + development
  • Streamlined, highly scalable modular processes
  • Modernization of customer-facing + supporting platforms
  • Reference architecture for agility, flexibility and reliability

Data Architecture and Engineering

Leverage the cloud to put your data to work. The FTG team will design a cloud data architecture to empower your team and commerce platform with timely, data driven intelligence, allowing you to optimize your customer experiences and marketing campaigns.

  • Cloud data achitecture vision + roadmapping
  • Real-time event capture and data integration
  • Content targeting and personalization
  • Customer and marketing analytics


As proven retail technology experts, we have a deep understanding of the ever-evolving best practices for design, UX, data management and virtually every facet of the e-commerce experience. We specialize in developing platforms that foster total optimization, rapid innovation and higher conversion.

  • High-quality responsive web design for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Flexible architecture + streamlined integration with other platforms
  • Faster page loads for reduced bounce and increased conversion
  • Intelligent caching schemas = better personalization + performance


You need not completely reinvent the wheel to dramatically improve performance. Our team of retail technology experts will help you extend your architecture to the cloud, so you can innovate where you need it the most, right now—and put a road map in place for transitioning your legacy systems.

  • Cloud strategy development + migration road-mapping
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) + Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Development + deployment of cloud-based applications
  • Integration of cloud-based solutions with existing systems
  • Google Cloud Platform implementation partner with Retail Expertise
Why FTG?

Case Studies

L.L.Bean modernized its IT infrastructure by moving capabilities from its on-premises systems to Google Cloud Platform, improving customer satisfaction and IT efficiency across multiple sales channels.

In partnership with Fearless Technology Group, L.L.Bean has multiple development teams migrating applications to the cloud. Read more in the case study.

Recite, a web archiving solution, improved scalability and lowered its costs by embracing serverless computing during a migration from Amazon AWS to Google Cloud.

In partnership with Fearless Technology Group, Recite reduced its cloud computing costs by more than 40%. Read more in the case study.

Case Studies

Why FTG?

Flexible thinking and engagement models to suit your needs

While no two clients are alike, many of our clients face similar challenges that are unique to the digital retail space—and many of our projects yield up-to-the-minute wisdom we can apply to future engagements. Our approach is open-minded: built on processes that are repeatable but flexible, so we’re always taking the most current best practices (and NEXT practices) into each new project.
Google Cloud Platform Partner

GCP partner, Retail Expertise

FTG is an experienced Google Cloud Platform partner with certified Retail Expertise. We can help you to:

  1. Cloud Platform Migration: Chart your path to the cloud and execute your migration, while ensuring your cloud environments are designed for performance, reliability and security.

  2. Application Modernization and Optimization: Unlock the full value of the cloud through the modernization of your critical applications, optimizing them for cloud deployment while taking advantage of the robust suite of managed services available on GCP.

  3. Data Architecture and Engineering: Capitalize on the value of your data through a modern data and integration architecture that leverages Google’s best of breed cloud data management tools.

commercetools Partner

commercetools solution partner

FTG can help you build your perfect commerce experience using commercetools and free yourself from the constraints imposed by outdated, legacy commerce solutions.

  1. Optimize your customer experiences: commercetools invented the concept of a ‘headless’, API first commerce platform. FTG can help you optimize each customer facing experience for its specific medium of interaction, with all experiences backed by a robust, shared commerce engine.

  2. Customize your commerce platform without penalty: Our team of commerce experts can help you customize your commerce experiences to meet the specific needs of your customers and your brand, without impeding your ability to benefit from the frequent upgrades and enhancements to the commercetools platform.

  3. Extend your commerce solution for omnichannel outcomes: FTG can position your commercetools platform to support omnichannel experiences across all sales channels, by leveraging and extending commercetools' powerful APIs to compose cross-channel services.

Meeting Collaboration

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We’re all about retail. The FTG team is comprised of retail technology experts with a heavy focus on digital channels—including innovative, cost-effective solutions to industry challenges. We move at the pace of retail, with a seasoned retail veteran’s balance of agility and quality.

  2. We’re creative technologists. Although our bias is for open-source technologies and micro-services, we understand legacy systems and can help you find innovative integrations. We are a certified Google Cloud Platform partner with expertise in a breadth of GCP services.

  3. The customer is still king. Although our innovative solutions are driven by data and executed with technology, the customer is still at the heart of action we take. We’re old-fashioned that way.

Light Bulbs

How We Work

When you engage with Fearless Technology Group, you can expect:

  1. Discovery Phase: What are your primary pain points? What factors unique to your business contribute to these problems—and how might they influence our solution?

  2. Solution Road Map: After a thorough discussion of FTG’s recommended solutions, we’ll provide a detailed road map—including any suggested platforms or services.

  3. Migration + Execution: With deep experience integrating legacy systems with the latest technology, we’ll ensure the migration process is seamless for your organization.

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